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HEX-PACK Corrugated Drum

The Economical Alternative To The Standard Fiber Drum

  • UN tested and approved in accordance with United Nations Performance Oriented Packaging Standards.
  • Totally recyclable.
  • Cost Effective – approximately 40% less than equivalent size fiber drums.
  • Space Efficient – 10 knocked-down HEX-PACKS™ store in the same space as one solid fiber, plastic or metal drum.
  • Freight Savings – Since HEX-PACKS™ ship flat, the quantity per pallet offers tremendous savings on freight.
  • Stock size programs are available from 5 to 40 gallon. We accept orders as small as 10 pieces, to full truck load quantities.
  • Strategic Marketing – can be printed with two color graphics, to better represent your product.
  • Custom Sizes & Design Services are available and tailored to your product’s specifications if our stock sizes do not meet your packaging needs.
  • Distributed direct from the factory, for cost effective and timely deliveries anywhere, anytime, and on time.

Hex-Pack™ Plastic Bag Specification Detail

Use for Hex-Pack Code Gal Bag Dim. W X D X H Mil Qty/Case Request Quote
321001 10 16 X 14 X 36 .003 200 Request Quote
321501 15 18 X 16 X 40 .003 100 Request Quote
323001 30 24 X 20 X 48 .003 100 Request Quote

NOTE: UN testing of HEX-PACKS™ corrugated drums was performed with gusseted polyethylene bags of 3 mil thickness with sufficient height to allow for closure as per NPS HEX-PACK™ CLOSURE INSTRUCTIONS. If you choose not to utilize NPS provided bags, and are packaging a regulated product, please insure that your bag specification minimally meets the above requirements (Polyethylene, 3 mil minimum, guesseted, sufficient length for proper sealing.

If the product being packaged is non-regulated, you may use any bag that you deem appropriate to contain and protect your product inside of the HEX-PACK™ corrugated drum. However, we recommend that you use a bag with the same specifications as the one above for regulated products.

Hex Pack

5 Gal. (320501) 640
10 Gal. (321001) 320
15 Gal. (321501) 280
20 Gal. (322001) 320
30 Gal. (323001) 320
40 Gal. (324001) 160

All pricing is per HEX-PACK™ unit.
Prices do not include gusseted inner bag (Required for UN). All pricing FOB Secaucus, NJ

Less than full pallet quantities available100 Unit Minimum – Add 20% to one pallet pricing
10 to 90 units (In multiples of 10) – Add 40% to one pallet pricing


Card image cap
Size / VolumeItem NumberQty/PalletInside Dimensions in/cm (length X width X height)"A" Dia. Side to Side"B" Dia. Corner opp. Corner"C" Side Wall Length"D" Inside HeightCompression StrengthRequest Quote
5 Gal.3205016406.75" X 6.75" X 11.75"11.50"13.25"6.75"11.75"1,430 lbsRequest Quote
10 Gal.3210013208.00" X 8.00" X 15.25"13.825"16.00"8.00"15.25"1,515 lbsRequest Quote
15 Gal.3215012808.00" X 8.00" X 21.75"13.825"16.00"8.00"21.75"1,380 lbsRequest Quote
20 Gal.32200132010.00" X 10.00" X 19.50"17.25"20.00"10.00"19.50"1,516 lbsRequest Quote
30 Gal.32300132011.00" X 11.00" X 24.00"19.00"22.00"11.00"24.00"1,708 lbsRequest Quote
40 Gal.32400116011.25" X 11.25" X 29.50"19.50"22.50"11.25"29.50"1,728 lbsRequest Quote

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