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New IBC’s and Totes, Various Configurations to Suit Your Needs


The Ecobulk MX is a good choice for businesses that have restricted space. The compact design allows for ease of movement and they are stackable.


The ECOBULK® MX is a multitrip IBC which is easy to recondition. The top of the MX is attached by bolts allowing rapid removal of the inner bottle for refurbishment. The ECOBULK® range offers the greatest possible volume in the minimum of space.


This compact container system provides the best solution for hazardous goods with specific weight up to 1.6. Easy to fill, easy to stack, easy to load. Delivery is possible with or without UN certification.


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Normal Capacity l/g:1000 liter / 275 gallon1250 liter / 330 gallon
Length mm/in1200/481200/48
Width mm/in1000/401000/40
Height inc. pallet mm/in1160/461350/53
Weight kg/lbs with wood pallet approx.66/14575/165
with steel pallet approx.59/13068/150
with plastic pallet approx.63/13972/158

Inner container: High molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion blow molded, especially shaped to ensure complete discharge of contents.

Outer Container:

Rigid, welded galvanized tubular steel grid, with large identification plate and EURO/NORTH AMERICAN-TICKET pouch.
Molded bottom shell:

Pressed galvanized steel base shaped to support the inner container and assist total drainage.

Pallets: Steel, wood or plastic pallet, 4 way entry.

Filling opening: 6″ (150 mm)-opening with screw cap and ‘o’-ring seal. Optional alternative-additional 2″ BSP threaded ventilating plug. 9″ opening available without UN-certification.

Discharge valve: Protectively placed valve with outlet sealed by aluminum-lined PE-foil, closed by ‘o’-ring, PE-disk and screw cap. Complete discharge through: 2 inch butterfly with handle.

Available option: 80 or 150 mm butterfly valves or 2″ ball valve.

Permeation protection: On request the inner PE-container can be treated with a double SMP fluorination barrier which reduces the permeation of most non-polar organic solvents.

The reasons for changing to a larger container are both logical and simple.

Your in-house costs are lowered due to:

  • Reduction in time for filling, sealing, labeling.
  • Space saving during transport and storage periods.
  • Eliminating product waste while discharging and draining containers.
  • Easier inventory control.

Multiple use. Containers may be filled, transported and discharged many times during their useful life.
The built-in ability of the ECOBULK® to be reconditioned.

The ECOBULK® is really a space saving innovation. 4 drums each with a volume of 55 gallons, utilize more space than a 275 gallon ECOBULK®. A minimum of 25% better space utilization.

The ECOBULK® meets international transport standards and regulations as well as providing an excellent fill in ISO-Containers. The low tare weight is a further financial benefit during transport.

The ECOBULK® is easy to handle and can be stacked 4 high quite safely. It is easy to load or unload by use of fork-lift or pallet truck, thus ensuring the best use of time and resources.

The specially designed discharge valves ensure precise control when discharging substances of various viscosities. The different types of seal materials extend the range of applications and offer resistance to nearly all chemical products.

One of the most important considerations affecting packaging systems selection is its value and usage after the initial journey. With the EURO/NORTH AMERICAN TICKET, a recycling process is available for used ECOBULKS® throughout Europe, USA and Canada, which guarantees sensible utilization of emptied containers. The ECOBULK® offers the ideal system incorporating easy-to-fit exchangeable steel, wood and plastic components, making the ECOBULK® a fully reusable multi-trip package.

Pallet options: steel, timber or plastic pallet (HDPE recyclat material)

On request the ECOBULKS® can be supplied with a plastic discharge cover

Screw-bolted steel crossbars permit easy replacement of the inside container.

Integrated butterfly valve DN 50 with operating lever and screw cap

Integrated butterfly valve with DN 50 with outlet nozzle

DN 80


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