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Lok-Rim Fiber Drums

Want to store and transport custom-sized loads with ease? These fiber drums come in a variety of capacities designed to make the task simple. Thanks to their durable, layered cardboard construction, they’re extremely easy to handle, but they’ve got the durability to hold parts, dry goods and other substances. Compared to plastic and other materials, these sanitary cardboard containers are a good option for minimizing your non-recyclable production waste and reducing consumable costs.


We’ve made it simple to choose drums with the appropriate specifications for any task. Our broad selection has many different drum sizes, so anyone can find something that suits the job at hand.


Select mouth diameters that facilitate easy loading and retrieval, pick volumetric capacities that fit your spaces, and choose closures that keep your goods secure. We can fulfill most orders, so it’s never been simpler to transform your storage or freight facilities for the better.


Our fiber drums come in many shapes and sizes, but they also come with an array of closure and coating systems. Choose a Lok-Rim to make your facilities UN-compliant, or upgrade to a Liqui-Pak or Dri-Pak coating for specialty cargoes and contents.


With NPS, it’s simple to do more with your business by equipping your facilities properly. From performing bespoke silk-screening for identification and branding purposes to supplying custom diameters and heights, we can provide any fiber drum that you need to stay efficient. Learn more by getting in touch for a quote.


  • United Nations Approved
  • All Diameters and Sizes
  • Composites
  • Liquipak
  • Dripak
  • Silk Screening Available
Card image cap
DescriptionLiningKraftCoverFittingsGal.L.Inside Dia.HeightUN specs.Request Quote
Dry Products Lock-Rim Fiber Drums
10 Gal Fiber Drum-NeutralFDA Lacquered SteelN/A103815 1/212 1/21G/Y75/S Request Quote
15 Gal Fiber Drum-NeutralFDA Lacquered SteelN/A155615 1/219 1/21G/Y75/S Request Quote
17 Gal Fiber Drum-NeutralFDA Lacquered SteelN/A176415 1/222 1/41G/Y75/S Request Quote
30 Gal Fiber Drum-NeutralFDA Lacquered SteelN/A3011318 1/2271G/Y143/S Request Quote
44 Gal Fiber Drum-NeutralFDA Lacquered SteelN/A4416621 1/2291G/Y189/S Request Quote
55 Gal Fiber Drum-NeutralFDA Lacquered SteelN/A5520821 1/235 1/21G/Y143/S Request Quote
Liquid-Pack Fiber Drums
30 Gal5 mil ldpeNeutralN/A3011317 7/831 3/4-- Request Quote
55 Gal2 mil ldpeNeutralbung and vent5520822 3/83 1/2-- Request Quote
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  • Technologie Inovaweld
  • Mauser Group
  • Enviro-pak, INC.
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