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Stainless Steel Drums

NPS’ corrosion resistant, reusable Stainless Steel (SS) Drums can safely hold and transport your materials wherever you may need it. Depending on the selection you choose, these SS drums can be a perfect match for chemicals, food, water, or any corrosive product applications. They are available in tight head (sealed top with fittings), open head (removable top), and in stainless steel 304 or 316. NPS stocks the steel drums in various sizes.

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discriptionliningcolorFittingscap. gal.cap. litersoutside dia.HeightUN specs.Request Quote
Composite Tight Head
55 Gal 6D40 mil linerBlack/white2"X2"5520823 1/234 3/46HA1/Y1.8/100 Request Quote
Stainless Steel Open Head
4 Gal 2B finish---41511 1/411 3/41A2/X25/S Request Quote
5 Gal 2B finish---51811 1/4151A2/X55/S Request Quote
8 Gal 2B finish---83011 1/4161A2/X30/S Request Quote
10 Gal 2B finish---10371417 7/81A2/X50/S Request Quote
15 Gal 2B finish---155616221A2/X60/S Request Quote
20 Gal 2B finish---207516261A2/X70/S Request Quote
30 Gal 2B finish---3011318 1/4291A2/X160/S-X1.4/250 Request Quote
55 Gal 2B finish---5520822 1/2351A2/X425/S-X1.4/250 Request Quote
Stainless Steel Tight Head
15 Gal 2B finish--2" & 3/4"15561622Y1.6/200 Request Quote
30 Gal 2B finish--2" & 3/4"3011318 1/429Y1.4/200
55 Gal 2B finish--2" & 3/4"5520822 1/235Y1.4/200 Request Quote
Galvanized Tight Head
55 ga Galv.Galv.Silver Galv.5520823 1/2 Request Quote
18 ga Galv.Galv.Silver Galv.5520823 1/2 Request Quote
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