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  • 2400 Innovation Way, BLDG #07
    Rochester, NY 14624-6226
    BLDG #3, SECAUCUS, NJ 07094
  • CALL US: 800-526-3786,
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Tight Head Plastics Drums

Tight Head Plastic Drums get the Job Done


Packing and storage containers serve a very important function. Industrial grade tight head plastics drums are used for a variety of purposes. National Packaging Services sells quality new drums at an affordable price, from manufacturers you can trust.


Sizes and Colors to Meet Your Needs


NPS carries several different sizes and colors of tight head plastics drums. They have 15 gallon, 30 gallon, and 55 gallon options. The color choices include blue, white, and natural. Customers often buy containers in colors that indicate the contents. This helps them identify what is in a drum just by sight.


UN Rated HDPE Drums


The NPS tight head plastic drums are made out of high-density polyethylene or HDPE. This is a high-density food grade plastic that can be recycled. It is designed to remain stable and is resistant to chemicals. 


Moisture Resistant


The HDPE plastic of NPS tight head plastic drums has excellent moisture-resistant properties. This makes them the go to for both liquids and dry goods. These drums have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Certain items can be stored in them for longer periods of time.


Packaging Products


National Packaging Services has been helping customers for many years with their storage solutions. They have two major distribution centers in New Jersey and New York. NPS goes the extra mile to be an all-encompassing source for packaging materials. They are well known within the industry for getting items delivered quickly.


Check It Out


People should check out National Packaging Services before buying from anyone else. Their teams of experts know how important packaging is. They can answer any question and get the product delivered fast. NPS specializes in tight head plastics drums and everything to go with them.

Card image cap
DescriptionColorFitting MfgFittingsCap. Gal.UN specs.Request Quote
15 Gal HDPEBlueRieke2"x 3/4"151H1/Y1.8/150Request Quote
15 Gal HDPEWhiteRieke2"x 3/4"151H1/Y1.8/150Request Quote
15 Gal HDPENaturalRieke2"x 3/4"151H1/Y1.8/150Request Quote
15 Gal HDPEBlueRieke2"x 2"151H1/Y1.8/150Request Quote
15 Gal HDPEWhiteRieke2"x 2"151H1/Y1.8/150Request Quote
15 Gal HDPENaturalRieke2"x 2"151H1/Y1.8/150Request Quote
30 Gal HDPEBlueRieke2"x 2"301H1/Y1.9/150Request Quote
55 Gal HDPEBlueRieke2"x 2"551H1/Y1.9/150Request Quote
55 Gal HDPENaturalRieke2"x 2"551H1/Y1.9/150Request Quote

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