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Open Head Steel Drums

Open Head Steel Drums


Removable top steel drums available in various sizes and specifications to suit your needs. Available 55-gallon lined epoxy-phenolic or unlined, with Quick-Lock or Nut and Bolt closures. Drums available with straight/plain covers, or 2″ x 3/4″ fittings. (Bungs)


Does your enterprise seek customized open head steel drums? Consider contacting us with your specifications. We’ll do our best to locate attractively priced products meeting your requirements. At National Packaging Services, we possess extensive experience assisting customers in this field. Our knowledge about open head steel drums and related products may offer valuable support as you select the best brand(s) for your next project.


Today suppliers manufacture open head steel drums using either carbon steel or high grade stainless steel. The latter material typically offers better protection against corrosion, although high grade stainless steel drums also cost more (in most cases). Ask us to assist you in locating the best products to fit your specific needs and project goals. These drums occur in a variety of colors, and may include special-purpose interior linings, or not, depending upon the customer’s needs.


Think of our firm whenever you search for functional, high quality open head steel drums. We offer the advantage of extensive experience in this specialized packaging area. We look forward to assisting you!

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discriptionliningcolorFittingscap. gal.cap. litersoutside dia.HeightUN specs.Request Quote
10 GalunlinedBlack/whitePlain103714 3/417 3/161A2/Y1.4/150 Request Quote
15 GalunlinedBlack/whitePlain155614 3/425 3/81A2/X140/S Request Quote
30 GalunlinedBlack/whitePlain3011319 3/428 3/41A2/Y1.5/100 Request Quote
55 GalunlinedBlack/whitePlain5520823 1/234 3/41A2/Y400/S Request Quote
55 GalunlinedBlue/white3/4"X2"5520823 1/234 3/4Rule 40 Request Quote
55 GalunlinedBlack/white3/4"X2"5520823 1/234 3/41A2/Y1.5/100 Request Quote
55 Gal CYLunlinedBlack/white3/4"X2"5520823 1/234 3/4Rule 40 Request Quote
30 GalEpoxy-PhenolicBlack/whitePlain3011319 3/428 3/41A2/Y1.5/100 Request Quote
55 Gal100% PhenolicBlack/white3/4"X2"5520823 1/234 3/4Rule 40 Request Quote
30 GalunlinedBlack/white3/4"X2"3011314 3/425 3/81A2/Y1.4/150 Request Quote

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